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Our experiences in car window tinting in the Twin Cities Minnesota have helped us to choose the best car window tinting material from the global market of car window tinting films and bring it to the Twin Cities for you.

MN AutoSpa does car tinting of windows in top quality. Of course, without removing the glass and from one piece of film. Model and car tint film is always chosen individually after careful consultation with the client. We use only quality attested car window tint films. Attestation labels and certificates are granted. And of course with a life time warranty window tinting. 


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Services | Detailing

Auto Detail Service

Our interior cleaning, detailing and restoration services can help you to recapture that new car look and smell.

The exterior detailing services provided by MN AutoSpa Detail Shop includes an array of services that will arm your car against the elements.

Through waxing, buffing, swirl and scratch removal, clay bar detailing, tire dressing, and more, we will remove surface contaminants and bring that like-new shine back to your vehicle.

Auto Detail Services

Services | Ceramic Coating




R1 Coatings® Pro: The Ultimate Nano Ceramic Coating

R1 Coatings® Pro – a Nano-Ceramic Coating that can be applied to almost any vehicle surface – provides the ultimate level of protection, durability, and shine available on the market. With a simple application, your client’s vehicles will be protected from wear and tear while turning heads out on the road with a stunning shine and brilliance. It’s the perfect add-on for any existing auto appearance business and a must have for any new business. Nano Ceramic Coatings are making a perfect upsell for any detailer looking to build their invoice and provide the ideal product for the client who wants to protect their investment.

Benefits of Nano-Ceramic Coatings:

  • 5 years warranty

  • Unsurpassed Protection from the Elements

  • Extreme Hardness for an Additional Layer of Abrasion Resistance

  • Twice as Hydrophobic as Traditional Wax 

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